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Advice for finding employment.

https://www.reddit.com/r/cscareerquestions/comments/i03i39/motivational_success_story_how_i_got_a_170k_job/ finding a good job right out of college! https://talent.works/2017/09/28/getting-ghosted-on-your-job-applications-heres-fix-1-apply-within-96-hours/ the numbers behind apps :: apply quickly companies that work in the open be forthcoming about the dev experience when hiring

Pro tips


  • Focus on what you have accomplished and can quantify rather than job responsibilities

  • Include graduation date!

  • Save resume as first and last name, not 'resume'

  • Tailor the resume to match the job and add key words. idea: automate this?

  • Always remember: a resume is for an interview, not a job. Just give them enough information to encourage them to interview you.

Great questions for interviews

  • "Could you resolve this merge conflict with me?"

    • Get a feel for their critical thinking and communication skills

    • Test their knowledge with git

    • Test their critical thinking in a pair programming session, learn about how they think about a programming language you expect them to be comfortable in.

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