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HTTP is a bloated protocol. Any visit to the website of a large company will tell you this. Significant sizes of applications (often over 5 megabytes!), load times, and the constant reminder to consent to cookies are all emblematic of what our internet has become -- a service hostile to its users for the sake of profit. Practically every website you visit tracks your information to collect both analytics and personal data, assembling a profile of you that can be sold to advertisers, government agencies and whoever else wants a cut of your data.

Gemini is a new protocol for browsing the internet founded by solderpunk. it's designed only to serve data, and intends to foster a friendlier internet -- one in which arbitrary information can't be passed from consumer to producer no matter what the motivation.

Gemini can be thought of as the HTTPS equivalent of Gopher: all traffic is secured and encrypted.

I hope to have this wiki, along with my other personal websites, up on Gemini soon. All it takes is a program to convert org-mode files to files in a Gemini framework rather than a Hugo blog.


  • Gemini Diagnostics:: A 'torture test' for Gemini servers.

  • Agate:: A Gemini server in Rust.

  • Gig:: A Gemini framework in Go.

  • geminid:: gemini server in C

  • Castor:: A GTK-based browser for Gopher and Gemini.

  • Asuka:: A Rust-based Gemini client.

A list of Gemini clients. A list of all currently known Gemini software. Flounder, a Gemini/HTTPS host for simple sites.


The Tildeverse on Gemini A Tilde blog. A Gemini search engine A YouTube Gemini interface (may be down). A neat Gemini blog.

Active Work

Proposal to allow for writing to Gemini sites A proposal to allow uploads and edits to Gemini pages in the protocol.



https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.txt distribution of arbitrary files; has special consideration for serving lightweight format that allows linking between files! maintained by solderpunk@sdf.org middle child: minimalist proof of concept designed forsimplicity, basic client creation and usability privacy! the internet is not a safe place for plaintext. generality!

tls ? gopher can be written from scratch! but gopher still depends on ip stack, dns resolver and filesystem. using tls for cryptography is necessary. tls limits access to more modern machines, but it makes no sense to sacrifice all privacy protections to accomodate them.


https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Gecko/Chrome/API/Browser_API the history of the web;; much of this should be avoided with gemini! https://withknown.com/ neat publishing engine that may include gemini code

internet communities

sdf.org, what is this? stunnel and xinetd for gemini. gemini is a great content oriented portable thing and community https://portal.drewdevault.com/x/rawtext.club/social_contract.gmi the social contract of rawtext.club, a prominent gemini community! cool inspiration

gemini-wiki - A Gemini and Titan wiki

tanelorn.city/~vidak/epicurics-manifesto.gemini - Gemini proxy

mbrubeck/agate: Very simple server for the Gemini hypertext protocol

Gemini best practices gemini software!! https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki/2020-06-04_Gemini_Upload the small internet and gemini uplaod


https://alexschroeder.ch/wiki/2019-06-21_Solderpunk's_Gemini_Protocol more on the gemini protocol :: and why it may not be liked

https://github.com/pitr/gig/blob/master/README.md gemini dev framework https://portal.mozz.us/gemini/gem.limpet.net/agate/ agate server for static files over gemini

https://git.sr.ht/~yotam/shavit configurable gemini server

Alex Schroeder: 2020-06-04 Gemini Upload

Gemini Gateway https://portal.mozz.us/gemini/gemini.circumlunar.space/software/

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