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Notes on how to best spend a career making an impact.



  • 80,000 hours in career

  • worth spending 1% of career to make the rest of the career slightly more impactful

  • make sure to have a real positive impact

  • focus on jobs that definitively put yourself in a better position

  • there isn't much else to it

  • effective altruism is their biggest solution - but this doesn't work.

Framing time


  • how much do you do every year? realistically, what will you get to do in the future?

  • what do you have the chance to do? what's important for you to do? reflect on this and visualize it.


  • Living in the same place with the people you love matters.

  • Priorities are so imcredibly important.

  • Quality time is incredibly valuable. Value the time you spend with others and treat it as such.

  • Come back to write these things down!

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