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strange narrative games, good mono font cellular noise free video edition

blogging for free

bear blog pluma free blog focused writing place convenient, fast web pages express yourself quickly raw expression the cask https://txt.fyi/+/57688c94 kinda fire. more minimal and more obscure anon we comments on any site reading and text editor focused writing. tilde. in gopher. collective. an excellent client for playing go

Tools for Better Thinking

thread The most underrated problem solving tool is to type out and explain your thought process. Start writing down questions to ask others; as you explain what you have tried, you will begin to realize that there are more things left to try -- some of which being potential solutions.

Type your question into StackOverflow to submit; you'll be fearful of asking the question.

Rank factors; always express factors as positive attributes. After generating the table, the longest continuous line of check marks for each factor determines the choice (though this can be gamed...)

State charts: easy to reason about state changes without the explosion of state machines. These are hierarchical state machines, in a sense.

The Inversion Methods: The solution to many hard problems can be clarified by re-expressing them in inverse form.

Crossline: structure your thoughts as you type and make cross-references.

mental models for making intelligent decisions

tools for systems thinkers state machines for complex systmes enabling inventive problem solving analyzing <button class="pull-url" value="https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRIZ][analyzing">pull</button> and forecasting tool

tools for better thinking .

today's js

https://lea.verou.me/2020/05/todays-javascript-from-an-outsiders-perspective/ article THe modern web is painful. Interfacing with js and node results in conflitts between es and js versions, node incompatibilities, differnet import syntax in different circumstances, etc. it's painful. How do you import with node? without node? <script> tag or not to script? Where did the node modules go? This is a good rant of questions and things to feature on the wbesite

record of a living being

https://cinemasojourns.com/2020/03/29/akira-kurosawas-record-of-a-living-being/ source watch the film :: one of the first to directly address the fear of nuclear holocaust and the implications of the atom bomb. an introspective, cerebral work regarding japan after the bomb and moving forward, away from fallout. inspired by conversations with otuers regarding what may -- or may not be -- in store for us tomorrow, if tomorrow is in store at all.

anxiety in product development

https://andreschweighofer.com/agile/anxiety-in-product-development/ anxiety can emerge easily from stress, resulting in anger, frustration and other unhealthy forms of exerting such stress. this impacts other people, organizations and processes as well. we have fear driven development : a concrete idea encouraging us to avoid certain practices depending upon the specific approach

play to win, don't play not to lose; developing a unique selling proposition means that you are no longer fighting with others, but rather striving to come out ahead

awareness of such anxiety is the first step to take. with this awareness comes conscious decision making, and with such decisions come wiser product crafting and, in the end, better, more creative work

bootstrappable builds

http://bootstrappable.org/ http://bootstrappable.org/projects.html good projects to work on this is a general build philosophy addressing the chicken and egg problem -- to trust platforms, we must see how each part is produced from source, but we do not have access to the source of compiled code when we run it against the language they are compiling! http://bootstrappable.org/ on trusting trust. ken thompson talk linked at the bottom is great, as are the other articles. great compilers literature

general ideas

50 ideas that changed my life

https://www.perell.com/blog/50-ideas-that-changed-my-life inversion :: avoiding stupidity is easier and better than being brilliant doublespeak :: saying the opposite of what one means theory of constraints :: focus on the bottleneck, the weakest point of the system, always. preference falsification :: lying to conform to the most socially acceptable opinion at the time mimetic teory of desire: rather than having our own desires, we imitate the desires of others and pursue their ideas mimetic theory of conflict :: similar = fight left off on 10!

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