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Advice and content for programming interviews and interview prep. Employment


  • Front-end Interview Handbook:: Great resources for front-end developer interview questions.

  • Leetcode Patterns:: The most common Leetcode questions with links to the corresponding problems. Useful for interview studying and preparation.

  • Reverse interview:: good questions to ask the company during your interview

https://github.com/harshibar/common-intern questions to ask during the job interview Storytelling Tips for Technical Interviews | Hacker News great interviews and website https://www.maa.org/news/interview-tony-derose -- from computer graphics pioneer https://aphyr.com/posts/342-typing-the-technical-interview excellent article

https://github.com/QasimWani/LeetHub automatically sync leetcode solutions to github account

Intel Internship Interview Experience

Had a great time interviewing for this Intel AI internship, but didn't

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