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It's a terrible language, but given its status as the de-facto language of the web, it has an incredible ecosystem of tools developed to help out.


  • Svelte : 'cybernetically enhanced' framework. Why

  • HTMX:: tools for seamless HTMl. The web should be more like this

  • Hapi


Functional Programming



functional programing for ts


  • Cosmiconfic:: Load configuration from anywhere

  • Lerna:: Manage JavaScript projects with multiple packages



Create React App with Babylon and TypeScript React for Babylon


Rigid body physics engine


flexbox for react-three-fiber

UI Dev

https://github.com/davidkpiano/flipping :: flipping animation https://github.com/davidkpiano/xstate :: state machines for the web


the repo Material UI


  • Acorn:: js parser in js


The compiler for Javascript. Babel macros


Hardcore config functional config


ImmutableJS: Immutable data structures Ramda: Better JS functional programming Typescript with these two is the de factor pure programming ecosystem

Organice:: Org mode without emacs automerge:: a CRDT that allows concurrent modification Turbolinks:: framework agnostic way of rendering views on server side and swapping in throuhg a socket tty.js:: terminal for the browser sanctuary:: strict javascript functions composed functionally https://github.com/sindresorhus/speed-test cli for speedtest.net https://github.com/calmm-js/kefir.atom :: reactive state with lenses https://github.com/spcask/mdme :: embed self rendering md content https://github.com/inkandswitch/cambria bidirectional lenses https://github.com/padenot/ringbuf.js ring buffers https://github.com/typeorm/typeorm/blob/master/README.md super flexible js and ts orm that runs anywhere phantomjs browser control excellent article on javascript generators https://ionicframework.com/react apps everywhere with single react code base? seems too good to be true https://github.com/kach/nearley javascript parser toolkit


an excellent resource on conflict-free replicated datatypes https://github.com/sweet-js/sweet-core https://github.com/replit/clui build quick cli apps with js https://github.com/atom/node-spellchecker


automating with nodejs advanced javascript optimizer https://github.com/calmm-js/partial.lenses lenses in javascript

manage js project with multiple packages alloyjs browser based visualizations https://github.com/vercel/serve static file listing and serving denosecure js runtime type safe ui library for purescript

read directory content into an object Parsing in JavaScript: all the tools and libraries you can use Parsing in JavaScript: Tools and Libraries Native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, JavaScript - NativeScr Deep JavaScript: Theory and techniques Chess programs in C, Java and Javascript, also 8080 emulator javascript is so hard to use now! https://nh2.me/ host gpg key on my website like this person does. i also like the 'tell me something' button with the hidden (black on black) text!

http://www.jsfuck.com/ cool scroll! https://codepen.io/DonKarlssonSan/pen/abNjZaQ https://healeycodes.com/creating-randomness/ https://www.edwinwenink.xyz/https://technomancy.us/184 https://snufk.in/blog/ssg-1.html https://hao-w.github.io/ https://leosaenger.com/ https://github.com/xiaohanyu/understanding-modern-frontend https://www.linkedin.com/in/leosaenger/ https://aaronweiss.us/posts/2014-06-04-write-up-l1.html Floating island /w Threejs & GSAP JavaScript End to End Testing Framework | cypress.io

https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24259688 using xpath for js

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