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Everyone should have a bit of a personal website with a little blurb about who they are and what they do.

Inspiration novel design!a website that interfaces with a physical device, a pi, and flashes a smiley face whenever someone visits the page. lends some personal, physical characteristics to an otherwise void webspace. they also have very good book recommendations follow everything from a single page xdesro/vogue this is close to what i want my site to look like! && i really like this site as well! galois person can we augment programming with direct manipulation interactions? beautiful diagrams with math notation in plain text art

100 rabbits siteis also a great reference for personal site look this is so sick

koikoi — index Kristopher Micinski now | Claire Le Goues

The Simple Essence of Automatic Differentiation - YouTube

Residential Programming without Mutable State - Thomas Getgood - YouTube

i like layout of resume and pers proj cool entreprenuer i love the art here! i like this site https://jswrenn.com

olin shivers his thesis is incredible stuff about olin comedy:


mike shah pizza debugging with the gui

matthias -- on grad school sicp, somehow phd student working on generative models -- been greenman, cool guy! -- talks from a lot of PL


people very very cool website

cool person v cool person !! ! ! ! ertdfgcvb okay site incredible look to this site terminal based personal website!!/quotes!/Bio -- this guy has done a lot and has a lot of Simon Peyton Jones at Microsoft Research interests -- self explanatory -- edward yang, a stanford phd student who works with ml and functional languages -- in fundies, has great personal website -- work on mine! -- pl guy, phd student from brown -- mit undergrad, really on top of it -- northeastern guy, great blog -- Boring Data Science blog with lots of cool trinkets -- archer, unix guy who writes about things! -- behind raft; cool dude -- prl phd student who does a lot of cool work -- photographer who has worked at a lot of different places, very well known, he works in BU -- good writing on a bunch of people doing things with operating systems -- this person has a lot of cool ideas r work -- of course, knuth lots of gool 3d and visual art work -- 3d stuff ! -- this guy works on cool open source things -- very cool and entreprenurial ! -- winston seems cool -- high profile filmmaker and designer

Alyssa McDevitt - Software Engineer Mark Hughes (happybeing) theWebalyst jackie luo Home | Jacob Jackson

latest | Sharan Yalburgi i love love love this site and its animating glyphs! Language this acts primarily as a resume, but the flow looks incredibly nice on the front page. look into setting up something like this to use as my resume! - Projects pl and systems person i really like the design though its not something i'd personally do! it's too 'clean', the photos too high resolution coolWiki and personal site mostly a Blogs ABlogs of projects, mostly. a sailor! book recommendations! fun blog theme! i love how this person ties together the responses they make on different social media websites and posts this all publicly on their website. I should look into setting up a centralized 'feed' to do something like this notion is kind of plain, but he has some fun ideas c adn cpp developer with some fun ideas open source development studio phd student at cmu ! Music work design firm website. beautiful stuff. Machine Learningresearcher and Languagework pgs in remote sensing, now earth observation data scientist lil data music website: henge great personal website, with the premise of the book personal website that looks just like a manpage! i love the rendering and loading animations! i love the animated text on this site! website built with nix and hakyll phd at Portland state, working on ocol parallel programming projects (or did! everything on the site looks old...)

vaughn@walters:~$ Joe Annis Roman Distefano Matt Panzer Stephanie Ji – Product Designer random advice in the form of a system printout? cool animated text on the site! photography website inspiration cool blocked website from indie maker has a built in terminal! maker with one of those gradient things sam gildea developer with very cool map on their site yes future of learning really cool guy, works on Text Editors and other cool structured programming ideas. check out his phd lab! simple site, check out how the pgp key is hosted

Sai - Infrequently Asked Questionsvery wild character pretty site basically a circle with a bunch of links, but it's super well animated! sper cool site, try to replicate this isn mart for mine!! cool designer, great format, i love the design but its not my style works on compilers and parallel programming! yoooo this is like using a window 98 computer! incredible splash graphic, with lots of content worth remembering incredible work, lots of very cool animations posted in a feed hol shit this website design is incredible - the colors, the minimal lines, the style of the navigation! very cool guy, working in portland, oregon very cool portfolios and things to follow based on design Fonts inspiration designer with lots of fun layouts

cute personal site : ' )

legendary vintage os page with similar creative web developer with a super simple and nice interface. great projects too joy simple artist site building 'new science' a la gwern i love this one too great layout for a book publisher Music does great programming and systems work . i like how easy it is to learn about her from the page! so simple and elegant! the scrolling feels so good here! also good looks, very simple. i like hteir idea about link dumps and they have excellent writing colors a bit off for me but love this! fun community of entreprenuers. try to do more with your website and others. shipping a product each month is a great goal record your values on your own website and keep them logged! lots of work on conlangs or other fun things works at ink and switch, seems like a cool person! fun big inspiration for my website; i love the letter format and plain text the 'personal canon', or a maintained list of infliences Compilers

kinda cool like their art! idkk loads of projects, Generative Art another classic minimal webpage started as hypercard and with factor programming lang! cute frame! this is a fun one but i don't have the images to show. show my age on a site ripgrep guy! academic i love this one! the windows are super clever. another ocol design studio site. kind of genric && survey of the history of japanese graphic design online festivals! love love love this design for a portfolio. its so dynamic and combines so many cool ideas. site that genrates rnadom training workouts

new round of sites very impressive and professional : a website as a conversation! wiki inspiration: love this website! ! - very simple and to the point

future cpp talk project cambria: strongly recommended by cool ppl very clean. member of cool teams for different open source projects !!!!