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GNU+Linux is a family of [[operating system]]s, featuring the [[Linux]] kernel and [[GNU]] stuff. They are often called simply Linux. I do not have a strong opinion on that, but on this wiki I will differentiate the kernel and this family of OSes.

= Distros I used for noticeable time

And some others.

= What I want to try

= Links => https://wion.com/notes/embracing-linux | Embracing Linux

This article is for those, like me, who want to get started in Linux and need some perspective on how to approach it. The article is not a how-to explainer; it is a general lay of the land for one particular situation—mine—and requires more investigation on the part of the individual. But still, maybe it helps.

=> https://hackaday.com/2021/07/27/classroom-surplus-becomes-linux-powerhouse/ | CLASSROOM SURPLUS BECOMES LINUX POWERHOUSE img { https://hackaday.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/smart-linux-featured.jpg?w=800 }

The SMART Response XE is a handheld computer that was originally sold for use in the classroom as a terminal for pupils taking tests. It’s now cheap enough on the surplus market to have become a target for experimenters, and we’ve seen them with a variety of cool hacks. We particularly like what [chmod775] has done with it, putting a VT100 terminal emulator on the device and hiding a NanoPi Neo Air single board computer in the battery bay. Powered from a USB battery bank, it gives a fully-featured Linux terminal in the palm of the hand. We see it running an Ubuntu LTS version, and it’s clear that it’s a functional and usable device.

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