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Melanocarpa is a [[digital garden]] grown by [[u/bouncepaw]]. It is also a sort of online encyclopedia and a wiki; you can make an account and edit hyphae.

Меланокарпа[[цифровой сад]], который выращивает [[u/bouncepaw]]. Это также онлайн-энциклопедия и вики: можно создать аккаунт и редактировать гифы.

=> tour_bus_stop | Tour bus stop, автобусная остановка

A big portion of this site is my [[Art]], mostly drawings on paper. Take a look! Also, see the [[Arbres]], the biggest texts here, they might be more interesting than the others.

This website is multilingual, i/e the content is written in English and Russian. When choosing a language for writing, choose the one closer to the topic. Thus, when writing about information technologies, you would probably choose English. In the future, I might want to integrate other languages; perhaps, including those I made up by myself, why not. There is no limit.

This wiki's hyphae are backed up in [[this GitHub repo]].

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