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Solinopolis is a big city to the North, famous for its vast intertangled systems of pipes (ฯƒฯ‰ฮปฮฎฮฝฮฑฯ‚ stands for //pipe//).

= Structure

  • { The New Solinopolis is a one-level district of Solinopolis, where around 40000 people live normal lives in normal houses.

img { Lapin 47 {A house from the New Solinopolis}} }

  • { The Big Solinopolis is three-layer megastructure. There are 3000 people living here, scavenging the remnants of the old society who used to live here. It is very hard to find a person here, because the district is so big.

img { Quadrat 02 { One of the shafts connecting the three layers. }} } ** {The Star Layer is known for the fact that you can see stars here. Sometimes. } ** {The Ground Layer is the most densely built layer. Most people are found here. There is a lot of artificial lighting.

img grid { Lapin 58 {You can find such primitive huts in the layer's pipes. } Lapin 28 {Some people build really comfortable houses.} Lapin 30 {There is a lot of pipes.} } } ** {The Crypt is the underground layer. There isn't much light here, so travel with caution.

img { Lapin 29 Quadrat 45 } }

= Travelling You are advised to not quit the New Solinopolis district, as it is extremely dangerous to travel in the abandoned Big Solinopolis. Possible causes of death include:

  • Pipes and other objects falling on you.
  • Asphixia (some rooms remove all air sometimes).
  • Murder by other travellers.
  • Hunger.
  • Dehydration.

You might also lose sanity in this maze of pipes. Try not to get [[lost in the pipes]].

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