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spacemacs profile-specific configuration

I need to find a way to share the bulk of my spacemacs config in both my personal and my work logins, but have some customisations in both spaces. (I already sync it all to a git repo, so I have it available wherever I need it - I'm talking here about having profile-specific customisations, while reusing most of it.)

I think I can probably do it with a mix of .spacemacs.env and perhaps loading a per-profile file in dotspacemacs/user-config.

Things I need to tweak between profiles:

  • org-agenda file locations
  • org-agenda capture templates
  • org-roam file/db locations
  • โ€ฆ


This is interesting, here they have some functions to check this:


;; at_home/at_work are bash functions defined in ~/.bashrc
(defconst at-home (= 0 (call-process "bash" nil nil nil "-c" "source ~/.bashrc && at_home")))
(defconst at-work (= 0 (call-process "bash" nil nil nil "-c" "source ~/.bashrc && at_work")))
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