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you have what you want




  • One thing I strongly believe is that you have what you want. Another way of phrasing it: you want what you choose. Even if, and sometimes especially if, what you choose is an impediment to your flourishing.
  • We love to convince ourselves that things are circumstantial. Like, I love painting, but I don’t paint anymore because I’m too busy. Like, I’m not really happy with my suburban life, but I’m trapped in it indefinitely. But what if these things aren’t circumstantial? Instead of blaming external world, imagine believing that some part of me wanted and chose this.
  • To respect the sanctity of autonomy is to make your choice and let other people make theirs. The only way for us to consolidate our fractured selves—to become whole—is by fully inhabiting our choices.
  • Everything begins when you admit to yourself what you actually want.
  • But when we don’t acknowledge these unconscious desires we are controlled by them and left unable to move forward. Jung: “A man who is possessed by his shadow is always standing in his own light and falling into his own traps... living below his own level."
  • Don’t live in with one foot in an imagined world, ungrateful for the life that you created. We flourish when we stop fantasizing about the unlived life and accept the one we’re in.
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