We Never Learned Anything About Lacan | Regrettable Century Podcast

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Unlike the analysts who came after [[Sigmund Freud]], Lacan felt that the process of becoming an analyst was one that could be done without the need of an institution

Neil says that in his experience leftists tend to get a sense of purpose out of feeling marginalized, that being in power would be something they wouldnโ€™t want or wouldnโ€™t know what to do with, as being marginalized gives them a sense of purpose

Freudโ€™s work Beyond the Pleasure Principle talks about how people want more than just hedonistic pleasure in their lives

Leftists are meant to be long-suffering, like religious people

Leftists tend to hate their ostensible allies more than their enemies - Leftists can hate the right because the right is very upfront with them. On the left, thereโ€™s things like gatekeeping and processes of exclusion that are more subtle

use of the term [[jouissance]]

Lacan gets grouped in with a lot of political stuff

Psychoanalysis was subsumed into the medical industry, whereas in Latin America its tied up in politics

Lacan was more interested in letting people do what they want to do (unleash and understand their own desire as opposed to being beholden to their own drive)

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