Ethnogenesis | Fight Like An Animal

Notes on the three part [[Fight Like An Animal]] series on [[Ethnogenesis]].


  • in captive primate populations, there are often struggles for power among males. Power however is held by a coalition. Primate groups will allow male power struggles to occur but will form power coalitions to prevent any one individual from gaining too much power. The reason they even allow any males to have power is because the males will protect the group from other primate groups
  • it’s thought that complex intelligence evolves as aggression fades away
  • dogs and children are commonly seen as having similar intelligence. This may have been the result of a co-evolution of the two
  • Hobbes-russeau debate is the debate over what humans were like before recent history, i.e. aggressive brutes vs gentle
  • Huxley-kropotkin is the modern form of that debate
  • aggression can be reactive or proactive
  • humans have high proactive, low reactive aggression
  • reactive aggression has been down regulated in society
  • politics and evolution are one


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