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  • Poor people have less access to resources
  • without an ID you can't buy certain scheduled subtstances e.g. alcohol, nicotine
    • while these substances are unhealthy, limiting their access is still kinda cringe imo, but I'm not exactly offering any solutions to fix it
    • An ID costs money and is [[fiscally restrictive]] to those who can't afford it
      • there exists programs which help pay for these things but they aren't readily available/advertised
    • in order to gain access to [[financial services]] the user must enlist the help of their friends or resort to obtaining false documentation
  • certain kinds of [[digital instruments]] are limited in their accessibility according to their classification
    • [[cashapp]]/[[venmo]] cards and other cards classified as "prepaid" don't allow you to transfer money on sites that might be considered fiscally risky.
      • these cards are often used as the primary bank and debit card of lower income people. limiting their access because of their status is categorically discriminatory
      • examples
        • crypto
        • gaming


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