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Trying not to feel guilty for not taking a note every day. This is for me. Ok. Breathe. Personal life been kinda hectic. Realness.

Ok. It's 2:38am here gonna sleep and record on the flip side

Woke up at 8:23am. Note to self. No more energy drinks before bed

Gray sky today. This note is more freeform. I love the freedom of markdown

My friend had [[chemo]] yesterday. Thinking about them.

I discovered I put more [[private]] note date in [[agora]] on accident. Maybe I should just use a separate system all together for that so there's no fear of cross contamination

[[Gitjournal]] doesn't make it easy to enter [[wikilinks]]. The search continues. Although I will say that it does integrate with [[git]] rather nicely

Found cute little primer on [[socialism]]. https://liberation.neocities.org/site/socialism.html

If you're reading this: abolish the police.

Holy crap full scale attack on senate today. Ok as one of my roommates said today is a decade.

  • Looking into [[tray.club]]
    • cute but buggy and awkward
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