watching documentary on trump's mental illness [[Unfit The Psychology of Donald Trump]]

I really like the formatting changes flancian has done

experimenting with working directly out of public repo rather than scrubbing private notes each time. oI don't really even use private notes since I started [[tending the garden]] more.

Making a link to [[republic services]] while I'm thinking about it

Glad to have [[obsidian]] to manage notes

I keep accidentally closing a tab instead of clicking on it. Seems like a design [[anti-pattern]]

I've been [[refactoring notes]] by looking for long bulleted lists and moving the list into a proper top level note

Can't believe that I didn't create node for [[digital-garden]] until today

Reading about [[the expanding circle]]

More internal reflection on the [[emotional narrative]]

checking out [[]]

[[discussion is ephemeral]]

[[Maggie Appleton]]

Debating adding [[interesting sites]]

Roam's Original Whitepaper made clear the original vision for the tool is toward collaborative networked research.

Journaling in [[GitJournal]] kinda sucks. I need to figure out a better flow so I actually take notes. Maybe I just have a rough version at first and then tend with [[obsidian]]?

discovered [[]]

[[concrete nouns]]

new [[Lana Del Rey]] video

[[speculative outline]]


[[subway tooter]]


[[speculative outline]]

[[scrying pen]]

[[plan file]]