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watching documentary on trump's mental illness [[Unfit The Psychology of Donald Trump]]

I really like the formatting changes [[flancian]] has done

experimenting with working directly out of public repo rather than scrubbing private notes each time. oI don't really even use private notes since I started [[tending the garden]] more.

Making a link to [[republic services]] while I'm thinking about it

Glad to have [[obsidian]] to manage notes

I keep accidentally closing a tab instead of clicking on it. Seems like a design [[anti-pattern]]

I've been [[refactoring notes]] by looking for long bulleted lists and moving the list into a proper top level note

Can't believe that I didn't create node for [[digital-garden]] until today

Reading about [[the expanding circle]]

More internal reflection on the [[emotional narrative]]

checking out [[0data.app]]

[[discussion is ephemeral]]

[[Maggie Appleton]]

Debating adding [[interesting sites]]

Roam's Original Whitepaper made clear the original vision for the tool is toward collaborative networked research.

Journaling in [[GitJournal]] kinda sucks. I need to figure out a better flow so I actually take notes. Maybe I just have a rough version at first and then tend with [[obsidian]]?

discovered [[quantum.country]]

[[concrete nouns]]

new [[Lana Del Rey]] video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBHild0PiTE

[[speculative outline]]


[[subway tooter]]


[[speculative outline]]

[[scrying pen]]

[[plan file]]



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