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Inauguration day. wtf. so surreal. i don't know what to think

at least cheeto out the damn white house.

here we go....


  • I went on a tangent now I'm exploring [[notes on old books]]
    • hopefully this doesn't mess up git since it's not good with large files, we'll see

A cool way to discover new sites is to look at backlinks for #go node

[[notes on quantum mechanics]]

my roomate introduced me to [[a-b-o]] [[fanfic]]

trying to [[create your own content]]

[notes on old books]: notes on old books.md "notes on old books" [notes on quantum mechanics]: notes on quantum mechanics.md "notes on quantum mechanics" [a-b-o]: a-b-o.md "a-b-o" [fanfic]: fanfic.md "fanfic" [create your own content]: create your own content.md "create your own content" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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