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It's that part of the day where I force myself to write a daly note. There. Done. Mission accomplished lol

Oh yeah, I went all the way to fuckin [[hood river]] to get my [[single dose vaccine]] and the fuckin [[FDA]] recalled it the same day. I'm so pissed. This corona thing is such a nightmare. Just end already

playing with new software for [[android]]

I'm looking for a good [[agora]] app for [[android]]

TIL kde has as a [[matrix]] webchat


[single dose vaccine]: single dose vaccine.md "single dose vaccine" [android]: android.md "android" [otter]: otter.md "otter" [notion]: notion.md "notion" [agora]: agora.md "agora" [android]: android.md "android" [matrix]: matrix.md "matrix" [ctzn]: ctzn.md "ctzn" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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