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NFT dweb myspace meets minecraft https://www.cryptovoxels.com/

[[webaverse]] dweb ways creators can earn in virtual worlds ownership of their labor self ownership anti capitalist

virtual world where nft is the asset

ipfs nft, adressing

nft.storage free nft storage

artists own the copyright even when they sell their art


async.art programable art platform

unwalled.garden -> [[ctzn]] stuff

[[distributed press]]


[[hypercore]] -> dweb -> [[ctzn]] -> [[distributed press]]

there has to be a common theme here; connections

pay transaction fees for them


i don't make stuff, I make systems: sarah

nfts offer a new model that don't depend on [[capitalism]] and surveilence


[[hypha call 2021-05-04]]

[[flancia goals]]

Installed [[obsidian mobile]]. It's super sexy


[[portis wallet]]

I got verfiied for [[circles]]

Don't try to fit in if you were born to stand out

[hypha call 2021-05-04]: hypha call 2021-05-04.md "hypha call 2021-05-04" [flancia goals]: flancia goals.md "flancia goals" [obsidian mobile]: obsidian mobile.md "obsidian mobile" [portis wallet]: portis wallet.md "portis wallet" [circles]: circles.md "circles" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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