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Testing sync on [[obsidian]]. I wonder if this will overwrite or append my existing note when I connect back to wifi

[[portland highway]]

Today I learned about [[windows]] multi task settings. Now I can run apps on diferent desktops. It's good for apps that I want to run in the background and not have to stare at a taskbar icon

Trippy [[text to speech]] samples: https://audio-samples.github.io/#section-1

[[benhylau]] told me about [[Cosmos ATOM]]


used my [[air fryer]] today. Damn I think I'm a convert

Doing some [[blockchain research]] for potential [[flancia projects]]

[Cosmos ATOM]: Cosmos ATOM.md "Cosmos ATOM" [blockchain research]: blockchain research.md "blockchain research" [flancia projects]: flancia projects.md "flancia projects" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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