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  • I'm really happy that [[obsidian]] works offline. I'm writing this from my phone at the park with no data or wifi but I know it will be synced when I reconnect.

what do we want from the [[agora]] interlay?

  • discover where people are at. who are [[obsidian]] users. where do they hang out what do they write.
    • are we trying to curate a theme.
  • [[dns search domain]]
  • [[tailscale]]
  • [[portland apparel lab]]
  • Human structures all have leaders, whether implicit or explicit, and the explicit ones tend to be more diverse.
  • you have to work with new material to really learn it. It doesn’t suffice to bookmark websites or just read and annotate books.


[dns search domain]: dns search domain.md "dns search domain" [tailscale]: tailscale.md "tailscale" [portland apparel lab]: portland apparel lab.md "portland apparel lab" [interpretations of quantum mechanics]: interpretations of quantum mechanics.md "interpretations of quantum mechanics" [logseq]: logseq/pages/logseq.md "logseq" [dweb talk 2021-06-02]: dweb talk 2021-06-02.md "dweb talk 2021-06-02" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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