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Messing with [[obsidian]] again. I was trying to play with [[logseq]] but it wasn't liking my hacked together fuse filesystem.

I think I'm going to start using this as a free form blog tool.

I'm trying to connect to remote host without storing anything locally because my solid state drive is so small. My plan is to fuse mount a [[gitfs]] folder so it will auto commit when it syncs the files via sshfs; fuse on fuse on fuse

Thinking about setting my desk back up again. I took a break from programing for awhile and now I'm getting back into it. Writing code on the couch without a desk setup is getting to me.

I've also been playing with [[webtop]] which is a browser based linux distro that runs in the desktop

I went back to putting the files on my local computer. It was a cool idea but the downsides are greater than the gains. everything is a tradeoff

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