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  • implementing [[git]] in [[Rust]] using [[c bindings]] #GodHelpMySoul
  • I started working in [[Rust]] lately good stuff
  • I think I'm gonna start using my garden as a bookmark tool. I'm kinda over using it as a dictionary of things.
  • I'm kinda thinking about the agora as [[semantic bookmarks]]
  • I think one of the things I have been doing "wrong" is note taking directly for the benefit of the agora. I'm going to shift my focus to note taking more for myself. My reasoning is that I'll actually use my garden more and it will become more of a symbiotic tool rather than just a place I dump stuff I think might be relevant to agora content. My theory is this will actually be more beneficial to the agora in the long term because the network will be more organic instead of mostly contrived
  • [[semantic network]]
  • [[hypertext notebook]]
  • I think I've come up with a good flow
    • journal page contains wikilinks to ideas I like that day
    • idea pages link to urls for those projects
    • I've already been doing this, but I think I'm going to start being more intentional about my flow
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