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  • will orientation be recorded

    • probably?
  • People outside of portland

  • what is the mission with local chapters

    • west coast bloc
  • Ideal chapter

    • attributes of chapter
  • what are co-leads

  • how does chapter membership relate to ZU membership

  • what is best way ZU or chapters to share information/expectations

    • portland and SF only assoc.
      • tokyo apparently assoc also?
  • Where is information?

    • three different copies of FAQs
    • hard to find
    • different places makes things confusing
  • The notion

    • What is the address
    • accessibility?
    • because of founding member status sam has no path to
  • mixed messaging between open collaboration and doing things behind closed doors

  • how patronage works in chapters

    • multiple times said it's not intention to have chapter members to be members of coop
  • How do non coop members interface with chapters

  • to what extent does the chapter leader own the experience vs passing on zebras decisions

  • shared resources

  • newsletter resources

  • pool to all pull from

  • central repository? can chapters "shop" for content?

  • permissions

  • expected to pay coop membership even tho put in sweat equity

  • chapters that got started "earlier" (before existing models)

    • when is that conversation gonna happen
    • if there's deadlines lets have conversations before that
  • Association template

    • is there a need?
    • SF seems like they didn't want it
  • fall last year

    • representative from nasa curious about startup environments
      • wanted to see what collobaration possible
      • how much autonomy do chapters have to partner
      • ok portland what do you wanna and then they were like portland what do you wanna do
  • can chapters enter into legal arrangements

  • what is the first step to request support / funding

    • how is this structured?
    • like to know first step to access
  • similar to map of organization, doulas, golden share, investors etc etc birds eye

    • inside those sections, who are the point people
    • org directory
  • more efficiently distribute questions, single person in charge of chapters?


ZU members/chapter members


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