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  • Seeds. Seed your garden with quality content and cultivate your curiosity. Plant seeds in your mind garden by taking smart personal notes (taking raw notes is useless). These don't need to be written in a publishable form.

  • Trees. Grow your knowledge by forming new branches and connecting the dots. Write short structured notes articulating specific ideas and publish them in your digital garden. One note in your digital garden = one idea. (what you're currently reading is such a note) Do not keep orphan notes. Thread your thoughts.

  • Fruits. Produce new work. These are more substantial—essays, videos, maybe a book at some point. The kind of work researchers and creatives may hope will help them live beyond their expiration date.

    [[Maggie Appleton Garden]]

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Digital garden is a metaphor and a practice for a digital resource such as a website, usually managed (“grown”) by one person. Its content is usually placed not chronologically, but in a different way. Incompleteness of content units such as articles is pretty common. An unfinished article is a sapling, and the webmaster is a gardener.

A digital garden is a sort of a [[personal website]].

See [[цифровой сад]] for more information in Russian.

Some gardens and personal [[wiki]]s:

=> http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/FrontPage => https://pbat.ch/wiki => https://gavart.ist => https://nchrs.xyz => http://anish.lakhwara.com => https://sona.kytta.dev/

[[Agora]] aggregates digital gardens.

= Links => https://doubleloop.net/2021/05/16/heh-nice-the-digital-garden-metaphor/

Heh nice the digital garden metaphor makes an appearance in Free, Fair and Alive

<= Flux Garden

=> http://thoughtstorms.info/view/GardenImagologies

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