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[[ipfs gateways]]

  • [[Paul Frazee]]
    • say you're [[twitter]], 1000 users.
    • 1000 users only one using service but having to pay for storage/bandwidth of 1000 poor scaling properties
    • gateway not feasible model
    • what are the costs
    • magic of the mesh
    • serverless clients participate in network
  • [[guo]]
    • gateways become the point of failure in a distributed network
  • [[flancian]]
    • subsidies gateway not for profit


  • social network on beaker
  • got discouraged with social networks
    • came back
  • people wanna be able to share around links
  • didn't have push messaging system
  • take advantage of social graph
  • ux killer
    • people expect to get notifcations from people
    • people need to follow out of band
    • limited push message
    • aggregator service notifications
      • really close to running gateway, running a service
      • let's just use services
      • take your data and move to other "place"

[[minimum viable exchange format]]

[[commons mesh]]

  • how do you end up in a situation where [[governance]] is required
  • what are defaults
  • sign up for first time, what's being suggested

[[fatal ambiguity]]

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