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title:: hypothes.is

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โญ• wormhole to [[hypothesis]] offered by the Agora


  • extend client:
    • read from multiple API-sources
    • read tags from API (not just from cache)
    • integrate with [[web-clipper]]
    • integrate with foam's wikilinks
    • retrofit discussion threads to follow [[kialo]]
  • clone and adapt API-server to support plugins for fetching personal notes for some url from:
    • twitter
    • slack
    • discord
    • reddit
    • gmail: fetch also tags
    • keep
    • ...
    • page flags for:
      • github issues (authored & commented)
      • chrome & firefox plugins (to know you have installed them)
    • AND/OR use [[promnesia]] browser extension (requires a lot of python configuration)
    • see also: [[Agora Bridge]]
    • see also HPI library

Authored by:: [[P- Brendan Langen]]

Hypothes.is allows users to annotate webpages or documents in their margins, providing the option to further enrich a snippet with context. Sharing is built in to Hypothes.is, affording added context and active reading across groups.

This enables social tagging, which helps users find related content and build community. [[Social tagging is a key user behavior to managing a decentralized knowledge graph]]. This can come in the form of text, likes or [[emoji reactions]].

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In an exciting development, the W3C Web Annotation recommends expanding upon their functionality by binding annotations to specific subregions of PDFs, which would enable [[interoperability]] beyond the tool alone.

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