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  • #go https://www.ted.com/talks/pia_mancini_how_to_upgrade_democracy_for_the_internet_era#t-379466

  • the most important question

    • If [[interent is the new printing press]], then what is [[democracy]] for the internet era
      • What institutions do we want to build for 21st century society
      • we can't afford to avoid this question anymore
      • how can we get our representatives to represent us
      • politics is solving todays problems with yesterdays tools
        • solve todays problems with todays tools
  • democracy os

    • politics is in legal language, by lawyers for lawyers
    • anything in congress gets translated to human language
  • net party

    • [[partido de la red]]
    • city of buenos aires
    • everything that citizens decided, we voted for in congress
    • hacking the political system
    • to have a seat at the table needed to be ballot stake holders
    • argentina launching [[democracyos]] to discuss with the citizens

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