📕 subnode [[@vera/wtf is the agora]] in 📚 node [[wtf-is-the-agora]]
  • Creating this note to brainstorm what we actually want out of the [[agora]]

  • interlay

    • read only
      • do we want our own user data?
      • if we decide to do write, what does that look like
    • a [[universal bus]]/cpu
    • what are our goals based on this
  • unified identifier

    • we need a canonical way to address people in the [[agora]]
  • [[data commons]]

  • [[gardener coalition]]

[data commons]: data commons.md "data commons" [data commons]: data commons.md "data commons" [understory]: understory.md "understory" [gardener coalition]: gardener coalition.md "gardener coalition" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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