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  • Inspired by the principles of [[Zakat]] (read our Founding Member, [[sheeza shah]] ’s article in The Guardian), a morally obligated Islamic practice that dissuades hoarding to redistribute wealth and eradicate poverty, Zebras Unite Co-op has set aside 2.5% of all gross revenues for a Zebra Solidarity Fund for its co-op members. This fund will be used to offer financial assistance, advance projects centred on economic justice, underwrite scholarships and experiments serving the [[solidarity economy]] .
  • Subsidising member fees for Zebras Unite Co-op members struggling to meet the financial ask
  • Non-profit or charitable projects centred on economic justice work
  • Community experiments to create solutions for solidarity issues
  • “Emergency Response Fund/Rapid Response” for disaster relief, and/or emergent social issue support, “care and health” fund impacting our members
  • Care fund for physical and mental health of founders that are members of Zebras Unite Co-op
  • Sabbatical fund for rejuvenating founders that are members of the Co-op
  • Underwriting or providing scholarships for travel to come together for solidarity in action
  • Redistribute wealth to those who are vulnerable or cut out from wealth/work
  • a maximum of $3k will be available for distribution per quarter in 2022. Co-op members are eligible for **one **grant each fiscal year. The committee will decide how the quarterly budget is distributed amongst applicants based on the needs outlined in applications.
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