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Agora V0.5

  • The v0.5 is:
    • Foam/Obsidian based notes forming a personal digital garden.
    • Hosted in a public or private repository, by default git.
    • Federated/interlinked using a conventional scheme, plus a set of ancillary tools (scripts).
    • Integrated with go links/URL redirectors.
  • See also: https://twitter.com/flancian/status/1315312902090391553


  • Craft 'agora' repo (base repo):
  • Foam
    • Explore how to implement [[context]].
      • A [[context]] is a set of notes that are considered as relevant at any given moment (they are shown one after the other if there is more than one match for a query, etc.)
      • A [[context]] is defined with an algebra that operates over Agora entities.
  • Settle open questions
    • What does '->' mean as used above?
    • git submodule?
    • git subtree?
    • Trying this first.
    • something else?
  • Create 'Agora' Twitter account.
  • [[an_agora]]
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