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  • [[i annotate 2021]]
    • followed [[lightning talks]], same speaker set, worked as a whole.
    • [[video]] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MqN2MY39BhVxFRquDTVjy6779BDS4Xjg/view
      • includes both lightning talks and panel discussion
      • [[go/font-video]] also works
    • my take after this session: https://hyp.is/i3iUMtOSEeudHIML10vbwQ/iannotate.org/2021/program.html, after a great suggestion by [[chris aldrich]].
    • notes start at [[q&a]]
    • [[dan whaley]] starts with the [[25 years question]]: really durable technologies last >25y. web has that; wikis are almost there. What's most important to think about note taking?
      • [[oliver sauter]] anything that lasts 25y requires sustained effort. an ability to iterate towards this.
      • [[conaw]] what's motivating the question? there seems to be an unspoken assumption that web/wiki technology is 25y old.
        • [[dan whaley]] what would define the note taking apps we use in 25y? what's most important about what we're about to build?
        • [[conor]] durability is an interesting idea: we are all benefitting from vannevar bush's [[memex]] and the mother of all demos.
          • web of alexandria (sp?): most durable knowledge storage is dna. it is constantly propagating.
          • roam exports to json and md to make data durable/portable.
          • memory diamonds (?)
      • [[ward cunningham]] certainly decentralization is needed. json is nice -- they claim it's not going to be versioned.
        • we wanted to do work in the wiki instead of just writing about it. we wanted to bundle data and processes.
        • different kinds of things got different markup -- we tried keeping the number of markups to a minimum.
      • [[conor white-sullivan]] keeping links outside the file will
      • [[junyu zhan]] predicting the future is hard but we can learn from history. let's take the web: why is it still around?
        • it's open
        • it's accessible to everyone
        • it evolves -- we have better browsers and protocols than before but the content remains
        • note taking applications will always change; but the data will be around for a long time.
      • [[bastien guerry]] git has been quite a change. it'll be 25y old in 9y :) versioning will be pervasive; perhaps git is the right infrastructure.
      • [[flancian]] "seeding" or bootstrapping problem. inclusivity, strength through diversity. I'd like whatever takes the place of the agora in 25y to be not only runnable but reimplementable by an interested 13yo with plenty of time. cooperative efforts. effective altruism.
      • [[daniel doyon]] note taking typically takes place within an app right now. in the future note taking will be more integrated at the browser/OS level.
      • [[oliver sauter]] interoperability is key; interoperability is what lets knowledge subsist.
      • [[conaw]] neuralink
      • [[flancian]] +1, we don't know the nature of media/resources in the future; but presumably the base problem of ownership of data/social graphs is orthogonal
      • [[ward cunningham]] https broke the internet by the way
    • Q: potential of [[ai]]
      • [[ward cunningham]] translation
      • [[bastien guerry]] inference from notes
      • [[flancian]]
        • translation not only between natural languages but also mental models
        • generative models on group data
    • [[bidirectionality]]
      • [[ward cunningham]]
        • (has "the algorithmic beauty of sea shells")
        • backlinks can be overwhelming: how to express which subset of them you are interested in.
      • [[oliver sauter]] how do we make it possible in the UX to trigger lookup flows for [[
      • [[bastien guerry]] backlinks will be the default. [[org mode]] doesn't have them, but [[org roam]] implements them. the secret of [[org mode]] is how well integrated it is with emacs, and how often people just live in emacs.
      • [[ward cunningham]] our experience: if you ask for backlinks, you'll get them from your neighborhood. when you get past 10k, things got breaking.
      • [[dan whaley]] points at one of the drawbacks: scaling issues.
    • [[closing thoughts]]
      • [[flancian]] thank you / a call for collaboration
      • [[bastien guerry]] thank you all, appreciate the conversation and want to try out some of this stuff :)
      • [[ward cunningham]] Dan, will you invite us all back next year to discuss process? ;)
        • [[dan]] the post-future of note taking!
      • [[conaw]] thank you for i annotate 2019, and thank you daniel for "how to take smart notes"
        • curse of xanadu is alive
        • solve problems in the order you need to solve them to set up
        • there is a world in which roam ends up open source
      • [[oliver sauter]] +1 over-optimism and idealism bit us in the past
        • interoperability is our biggest blocker
      • [[daniel doyon]] been in this space for 5y now; as of a year or two ago there was an inflection point. lots more innovation, more focus.
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