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A plain-text personal knowledge management system.

I use org-roam for my [[PKM]] (note-taking, digital garden, etc). Pretty much all of my digital garden is made using org-roam in fact. I started using it in March 2020.

I love it.


It is a note-taking tool for [[networked thought]]. The tool encourages a non-hierarchical [[note-taking]] workflow. With Org-roam, note-taking becomes effortless and fun: write notes wherever you want, and link them up however you want.

โ€“ Introducing Org Roam ยท Jethro Kuan

Some of my customisations of org-roam are [[here]].

One downside, or at least something to mull upon - org-roam doesn't make much use of org's heading structure. It's all file-based, each note is a file. No problem with that right now, just it goes a little against how org mode tends to work?

Using roam-refs


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