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Authored by:: [[P- Brendan Langen]]

Readwise is a product that allows users to extract book and journal highlights into one place. They integrate with ebook platforms, read-it-later apps, and photos to collect annotations in one place.

This enables readers to engage in progressive summarization, as [[people process complex information in multiple levels and stages of processing]]

As [[C- Synthesis is supported by Active Reading]], [[Incrementally processing notes is a key user behavior to promote synthesis]].

Announced in September 2021, they are releasing their own reading app to enable read-it-later functionality within the tool.

In our research, we are asking: [[Q- How might a discourse graph be designed to support incremental formalization]] and [[Q- How can people maintain a decentralized discourse graph with a high quantity of stuff in it]]? Because [[C- Curation is an important role in maintaining a decentralized discourse graph]], Readwise's design may provide insights.

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