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  1. A problem is an obstacle which hinders the achievement of a particular goal, objective or purpose (wiki). Flancia (talk)
  2. Something is a social problem if it causes human beings to be in a state of mind different from one they would prefer (e.g. happiness, eudaimonia, ataraxia, enlightenment). Flancia (talk)
    1. The best known publicly available list of social problems is that implied by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Flancia (talk)
      1. Poverty
      2. Hunger
      3. Disease
      4. Undereducation
      5. Gender inequality
      6. Water scarcity
      7. Energy
      8. Underemployment
      9. Basic infrastructure
      10. Wealth inequality
      11. Urban pollution
      12. Unsustainable consumption
      13. Climate change
      14. Water pollution
      15. Deforestation
      16. Human rights
      17. Meta: the UN program's lack of funding
  3. Something is a scientific or technological problem if it in turn contributes to a social problem. Flancia (talk)
    1. There is no currently known authoritative list of such problems. If you know of one, please add it. If you don't, consider helping us craft it in the following section. Flancia (talk)
      1. A surplus technology is one that we would be better off not having.
        1. In Bostrom's terms, these are black balls.
        2. These are also known as Existential Risks.
      2. A missing technology is one that we would benefit from.
        1. In this Agora we often speak of these as Missing Devices.