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  1. The Agora is an enhanced social contract for the Internet. Flancia (talk)
    1. The Agora is any space that designates itself as an Agora, pursues an explicit set of goals, and upholds an explicit Code of Conduct.
      1. This wiki is an Agora.
      2. The Code of Conduct of this Agora is tied to the Principle of Charity and the Wittgenstein Protocol. The Code of Conduct is also known as the Agora Protocol.
      3. This Agora specializes in collaborative problem solving.
        1. This Agora focuses on an explicitly tracked list of problems.
          1. Some problems are social.
            1. This Agora seeks to uphold, upgrade and enable human rights and the rule of rational, compassionate law. Flancia (talk)
          2. Some problems are technical.
            1. This Agora is a Catalog of Missing Devices, in Doctorow's terms.
      4. For this Agora to be successful, I plan to invest some fraction of my free time to it. Flancia (talk)
        1. Research upgrades to the Code of Conduct, currently based mostly around the wikipedia:Principle_of_Charity.
        2. Research the history of successful online social projects, like wikipedia:Wikipedia.
        3. Adopt or design the best tools available for problem solving.
        4. Find like-minded people and collaborate.