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Each Agora pursues an explicit set of goals. These are the goals of this Agora. While editing them, please follow the Wittgenstein Protocol.

  1. The first goal of the Agora is to build and maintain an Agora. Flancia (talk)
    1. Current focus: this site, a wiki.
  2. The second goal of the Agora is to advance the state of the art in all matters relevant to mutual undertanding and cooperation. Flancia (talk)
    1. Current focus: social applications of personal knowledge management tools, like Roam Research or Athens.
  3. The third goal of the Agora is to help all living beings get to a state of happiness, eudaimonia, ataraxia, flourishing, enlightenment, or any other such defined or chosen by the beings in scope. Flancia (talk)
    1. Current focus: promoting Effective Altruism and eradicating Poverty.
    2. See also: In Flancia there is an Agora.
  4. This Agora specializes in collaborative problem solving.
    1. Some problems are social.
      1. This Agora seeks to uphold, upgrade and enable human rights. Flancia (talk)
    2. Some problems are technical.
      1. This Agora is a Catalog of Missing Devices, in Doctorow's terms.