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  1. A Flancian is any person that follows an explicit public social contract. Flancia (talk)
    1. You can become a Flancian anytime: you just declare that you are a Flancian. This means you are in alignment with the assertions in this page, and any explicit extensions you publish.
    2. You can cease to be a Flancian anytime: you declare that you are not a Flancian. This means whatever you want it to mean, as specified in your declaration of intent.
  2. Only Flancians can edit this page. Flancia (talk)
    1. A Flancian tries to keep this page compatible with their values.
    2. A Flancian makes use of the Wittgenstein Protocol whenever appropriate.
  3. A Flancian is honest. Flancia (talk)
    1. A Flancian is sincere about their ethics. Their public social contract is aligned with their true values.
    2. A Flancian is open about their knowledge and level of skill; about their limitations.
    3. A Flancian tries to be always well-intentioned and good to others.
    4. A Flancian tries to follow the Principle of Charity.