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Welcome to the Agora! The Agora is a subset of the internet: a part that is constructive, sincere, well-meaning.

An Agora is a space designed to allow its users to freely present (and, optionally, debate) their subjective rational assessments of the world as they interact with fact. In the Agora everybody is free to discuss their personal opinions on matters that they care about the most; in other words, to express their identities; as long as they abide by a well specified Code of Conduct.

This site is just one particular Agora; there are many, if you just learn to see them. Twitter can be an Agora. This Agora, though, is wiki-based. It is an experiment in building a constructive, rational, safe space with optimal qualities for debate and cooperation. It is designed to complement Wikipedia, which focuses on established information. Here, in the Agora, we can tackle debate and original research together.

This Agora can also be considered a social network: it is one explicitly both goal-oriented and opinion-heavy. In this framing, the Agora is an attempt to make use of a new technology (online social networks) to tackle distributed problem solving, and to corroborate or dispel the assertion that social networks can behave as problem solving machines.

Code of Conduct

This is the most important section of this site. The Agora is defined by its code of conduct; it is a contract that binds us within its confines. It is of utmost importance for it to be well specified and known by all.

  1. When debating, please observe the Principle of Charity.
  2. In sections marked accordingly, please observe the Wittgenstein Protocol.
  3. Try to be constructive, rational, kind and respectful in all cases -- or to follow your own public set of values.
    1. When you meet someone that you disagree with, please prioritize understanding each other better over winning an argument.
    2. When you make mistakes, apologize. When someone else makes mistakes and apologizes thoroughly, please try to be forgiving.

You can read more about the Agora's code of conduct in Social Contract.


In this Agora we focus on solving problems collaboratively. For this purpose we explicitly track a list of Problems in scope. These are the top level problem clusters:

  1. Poverty
  2. Violence
  3. Existential Risks
  4. Missing Devices

The philosophical position currently tracked as generally optimal for problem solving by the members of this Agora is:

  1. Humanist
  2. Rational
  3. Liberal
  4. Compassionate

If you disagree: this Agora is a place of good will that welcomes all users that are willing to abide by the Code of Conduct. The Agora is always open to discussion.

Areas of interest

These are the areas of knowledge tracked in this Agora:

All are welcome! We ask only that you respect our Code of Conduct. If you'd like to know more, please refer to or reach out via Twitter.