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Hi! I am a Flancian, that is, a member of the autotelic polis of Flancia. Flancia exists only digitally; it is a utopia that its members try to build.

I am also a "normal" person, in the sense that I hold a job in the real world and have hobbies and such. I'd like to say I am a writer but I am unpublished and honestly I don't know if I have the grit or the skill. I'm an on-and-off blogger, also active on Twitter.

Social Contract

Like all Flancians, I follow an explicit social contract.

I try to be kind and helpful to others while working towards explicit socially constructive goals. My current top level goals are to:

  1. Find or build an Agora.
  2. Help others, either directly or through organizations such as Effective Altruism.
  3. Follow the shared social contract of all Flancians.

This is my current preferred ethical position or policy. I strive to be a...

  1. Humanist
  2. Rational
  3. Naturalist
  4. Utilitarist
  5. Progressive
  6. Compassionate
  7. Friendly

...person. If you tell me what I'm doing wrong, for me or for others, I will consider your assertion to the best of my abilities. If I agree with it, I will promise to do better in the future. I'll then update my beliefs to the new best-known position. I have good intentions, but I am sometimes unskillful. Please let me know how I could improve!

If you are interested in becoming a Flancian, please refer to How to become a Flancian.


An out-friend is someone I am friendly towards. Their attitude towards me is unknown or yet undefined. If you are in this list and you are friendly towards me, feel free to move your name to the Friends section.

Many in this list are dead, so they'll likely remain exclusively out-friends forever.

  • Gautama Buddha
  • Shantideva
  • Peter Singer
  • William MacAskill
  • Toby Ord
  • Font of Augurs
  • Joshua (@paleoludic).
  • EduN
  • Visakan (@visakanv).
  • T. H.
  • S. Z.
  • Irenes
  • Marcus
  • Daniel Dennett
  • Sam Harris
  • Marcus Aurelius
  • Socrates

Plus implicitly all people with Social Contracts compatible with mine, and all Flancians.


These are people that are friendly towards me. Feel free to add your name here anytime. If I am friendly towards you (and I try to maximize friendliness!), I'll then move your name below.

  • This could be you :)


A friend is both an out-friend and an in-friend.

In no particular order. Private relationships are referred to through initials.

  • L.
  • G.
  • B.
  • A.
  • E.
  • J.
  • @nthd3gr33
  • @goblinodds