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Dave called me from the road to let me know that SmithDM3 is live, running MovableType with MySQL.

As I said to Dave, I'm not a huge fan of MT, mainly because it is based on Perl, and my Perl hax0r skills are quite rusty -- I really only ever used it in university. Well, plus some programming for generating some web pages that managed the testing lab I worked at at Newbridge Networks. Interesting...hadn't thought about that in some time, way back in early 1999, my last co-op term.

That, and I guess that PHP is just so much more suited as a web language. The very fact that you can mix PHP code and HTML is fantastic -- it's great to be able to design an entire page using a nice, visual HTML editor, then just go in and insert a couple of PHP tags to add some dynamic data.

As I was wandering around Dave's site (well, the front page -- there isn't much else, yet), I added his RDF feed to this site. I don't have any of the feeds displaying in little boxes or anything, and I haven't done a good job of going out and finding more (mainly because I don't have cron access, so I have to remember to refresh them all manually). Check out the news feeds link at the top of every page, or just follow this link for a view of all the individual feeds. The "blog it" links will dump you int a new blog entry page, where you can then comment about that particular item.

If I get really ambitious one day, I might try to have feeds running down the left hand side, but this tableless design was hard enough without modifying it like that. We'll see....

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