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Microcell was seen as the one "unreasonable" player in the market that kept everyone else honest on prices. Given how Bell, Telus and Rogers have all adopted the mantra of higher ARPU and bottom-line profits, Microcell's elimination will likely mean one thing: higher prices. Mark Evans :: Telus-Microcell: An Unholy Union?

I had to post this just for the title. Yes, this does look like a defensive move -- Telus uses CDMA and Microcell uses GSM, but Telus is afraid that Microcell might fall into the clutches of Rogers. In my personal experience, Microcell/Fido has had the best customer service, certainly the best available phones in Canada. It is unfortunate that they've had money troubles, and it's unfortunate that we might see more of a monopoly on telecom services.

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