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Dave was in Ottawa and had breakfast at Cora's. My guess is the one on Merivale, on his way up from the 401.

I had one of the best breakfasts of my life at a restaurant called Cora's in Ottawa. Maybe it was because I like Ottawa so much, or did some really great work on my walk just before breakfast, or maybe it's because the food was incredibly well prepared. I don't know but, it was pretty great Scripting News: 7/22/2005

I noticed the mention because there was an interview on CBC recently with the founder of Cora's -- initially a completely family run chain in Quebec, and now a franchise. The food *is* really good. The point being, I wish that all of the CBC's programming was available as podcasts. Of course, when I played Episode #9 from the CBC Radio 3 kind of sucked (I've liked the rest of them so far). But still...more, please.

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