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So...while I am experimenting with Facebook Apps myself (see -- but really, that just allows login to this website), I am unlikely to add arbitrary Facebook App X. The only ones I'm interested in are ones that connect out to the Internet: random little apps that live only inside FB are less interesting to me. And actually, ones that let users add content but then you HAVE to be a member to even see the content...yeah, yeah...I get the viral thing, it's just annoying!

That means a lot of "ignore this" from me.

Also....I'm only adding friends that I've actually met in person OR spent a significant amount of time interacting with online. This is a long standing rule of mine that I've used for years.

If you're a friend of a friend that I've met once or twice: don't feel bad, we're "connected" through that friend of mine. That's how these social network things work.

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