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I'm glad to finally see that the news about PubSub 2.0 is out there (see Om, TechCrunch, and the view on both from local Vancouver founder Ian Bell). One more great addition to the Vancouver tech scene that will be watched world wide.

One of these days I will tell the story of mine / Bryght's early involvement with PubSub 1.0. Looking at the Something Simpler about page, the bio for Lance Tracey outs him as our initial angel investor. It's good to see him being acknowledged.

I am (still) a big believer in the core technology of PubSub. The new tagline of "find the future" makes it very clear what the strengths are. Now, how to expose that in a user friendly way. That has always been the challenge since day one. Today, in a future where engines like Google News Alerts / Blog Search and Technorati are still not performing as well as the "old" PubSub engine, and we have many more orders of magnitude more "real time" sources of information, the need for filtering, reporting, and notification is that much greater.

I look forward to working with the PubSub team and seeing what they come up with. Beyond Ian and Lance, there are great people there already and they're looking for more.

Go, Vancouver, go! :P

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