###1 Markdown editors:

I currently have three different Markdown editors on my iPhone.

  • WriteUp (app): This is the app I started with. Great Markdown and Dropbox support. Cool new feature is support for Versions.
  • Byword (app): Focused on distraction free writing in Markdown, and that's it. I'm also using it on my desktop for full screen writing.
  • Writing Kit (app): I've just added this app, which features the ability to do research with a built in web browser / search. I'll likely be using this to do research & grab links, and then do the majority of my writing in Byword.

Update September 8, 2013

This blog is now running on the Harp Platform, which is a node.js-based web server with pre-processing built in, and you upload files via Dropbox. Check out the open source HarpJS site if you want to run it on your own. Disclaimer: I am working with the Harp team and couldn't be happier at using it.

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