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Just reinstalled koreader on my kobo

I just reinstalled [[koreader]] on my [[kobo]] ereader. It's come on so much since last time I used it (a year or two ago?) The fact that it's a built-in menu in Nickel (Kobo's default system) makes it so much easier to launch.

Dark mode is so nice. And now it has its own [[Wallabag]] plugin, for reading articles you've saved online, which is awesome. (I was using Wallabako, which was cool but no longer needed).

My notes here: [[Installing koreader on my Kobo]].

Listening: [[An ethics of agency]]

Listening to the FOSS and Crafts episode on [[an ethics of agency]], Chris Webber's ethical framework. Liking it so far, and the links to the recent [[Declaration of Digital Autonomy]].


20:27 favorite manga

blame! one piece akira (check it out!) bleach beginning and art (but not story......)

20:55 hillel newsletter


  • semidefinite programming

satsolving notes

famous np complete problem: must find satisfying formula for the boolean varaibles and statement for sanity we format the statement to assume conjunctive normal form find assignment that satisfies the equation

all np-complete problems can be converted to 3-sat problem sat solvers can quickly solve problems with lots of variables! this is mostly used for dependency management. but how do you prove a transition from your problem into sat?

  • aside: cleverness is communicated in a domain with experience, but can be transferred

  • posits that cleverness is only necessary with a lack of communication

  • smt community -> off of sat -> puts effort into affordances

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