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  • Enjoying the TV show at the moment, and feeling tempted to reread the [[His Dark Materials]] books again. I read it many years ago now, I guess when I was a teenager - I think there's a lot of subtlety there (and less subtlety perhaps!) about religion and science.

  • Also I've had another recommendation for the Murderbot series (the first one being from Ton's list), so I think I'll read those at some point too.


  • After adding the [[logo]], the header section doesn't look so hot on the garden on my mobile - the logo doesn't adapt so adds too much width. It looks fine in the browser dev tools in Firefox on on small screens, but not in the Chrome dev tools.

    • Fix: it needed wrapping in an anchor tag.
  • Seems like my backlinks in [[Flock]] don't publish when I run make republish, but they do if I do org-publish-current-file. Why?

    • Ah it was because I'd left the [[org-roam]] DB setting org-roam-db-location pointing at the wrong place in publish.el.
  • Why do I have to keep restart [[syncthing]] on my mobile in order to sync files to my laptop?



  • We started playing [[Myst]] (realMyst edition) last night and really enjoyed it.

  • Read a little bit about [[Karrot]] and how they make their software.

  • Reading [[Informatics of the Oppressed]]. Looking at historic experiments in informatics from [[Cuban socialism]] and [[liberation theology]] for redistribution of informational wealth. Think I came across it via [[Panda]].

  • Had a quick look at kinopio.club for weeknote diagrams. I don't think it was working properly? The how to thing seemed to be missing a bunch of cards.

  • Spiderwiki: "Spiders appear to offload cognitive tasks to their webs, making them one of a number of species with a mind that isn’t fully confined within the head." https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-thoughts-of-a-spiderweb-20170523/


  • Reading more of [[Capital is Dead]]. Finished Chapter 1.
    • I like the idea of [[détournement]] as a means of interpreting Marx for the current times.
    • feels like there is some relationship between [[Glitch]] and [[détournement]].
    • really liked reading Wark say how that to understand the current informatics-based forces of production, comrades with technical knowledge are needed to collaborate with those with the theoretical knowledge. I feel like I sit in the space between theoretical and technical where I could have something to contribute here.
  • my reflowed PDF scan of Capital is Dead has its own pleasing glitches that I'm rather enjoying



  • Interesting question: What happens if your org gets locked out of Google? How likely is it to happen?
  • Interesting question: How do you explain the importance to spend time on 'invisible' things like backups, disaster recovery, security patching etc to non-technical peeps?
  • MINDFLAYER are on Bandcamp, this is good
  • I was thinking how [[Agora]] could be useful for a team knowledge base. Each person maintains their own, and Agora rolls it up in to one space.
    • Relies on everyone being happy using markdown files and wikilinks, etc., though. Might need to bridge between various systems, as usually people have their own favourite personal tool, especially when it comes to knowledge management.
  • Discussed pipelines and WIP a bit.
    • Can definitely see how reducing context switching is important. That's a massive problem for me.
  • Enjoyed listening to The Stooges.
  • The idea of a [[digital gardening practice]] came up in the DG telegram group. I don't really have one at the moment, but I'm getting in to a better 'daily log' habit. I tend to start in a private journal and add bits from that in to the public daily log as and when it makes sense to share. I'm starting to pop a few more work-related notes in during the workday, too.
  • the [[Ness Labs]] [[Collector to Creator]] course is starting on Monday. It's at 4pm for me, so can't attend as I'm at work. But I'll try to follow along with the assignments anyway.


  • I've been reading through [[Ton]]'s articles on his PKM system. [[Ton's PKM]]. It's of great interest to me because I really respect Ton's views, and I'm keen to see where it might help me reflect on my own system. Ton tries to avoid silos and lock-in, and has recently been able to move much of his system to plain-text and [[Obsidian]], and I think many of the methods would translate to org-mode, if I wanted them to. Thanks Ton for sharing it in such detail. https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2020/10/100-days-in-obsidian-pt-1/

    • Will take me a while to read and digest all of it, but I think there's many tips I can pick up.
  • I want to rekindle my graphical weeknotes, after [[Kicks]] made a mention of them. I really liked the end result of those. It was just hard work keeping it up.

    • I either need to streamline the process, or make it a dedicated labour of love. I don't have much time for labours of love right now, so streamlining the process might be needed.
    • Pipeline: recent changes, day logs -> textual week log -> diagram.
    • For the diagram, I'm thinking I might try to use something like PlantUML or mermaid.
      • Cons: It'll look kind of shitty, regimented and not so fun.
      • Pros: It'll (probably) be quicker than mucking about in LibreOffice.
        • PlantUML is something that'll be useful for me to get familiar with for work.
    • Something like impress.js might be alright too.
  • I kind of see something like Ton's public sharing of the details of his [[PKM]] as part of a body of artifacts for the [[Hacker class]].

  • [[Glitch Feminism]] sounds good. "Our software and our wetware are constantly glitching. How could it be otherwise? Rather than try for perfect order, let’s embrace the glitch and find out how else it all could play out." https://www.versobooks.com/books/3668-glitch-feminism

  • I like [[Ton]]'s terminology of notes and notions. Notes being a bit more reference/factual, notions being ones own personal ideas. 100 Days in Obsidian Pt 4: Writing Notes – Interdependent Thoughts

    • for reading through articles and taking literature notes, I think I will have a subfolder.
  • Also the idea of [[emergent outlines]] for creating new content. (Speculative outlines in Sonke Ahrens terminology).


  • Thinking about my [[music listening strategy]] a bit today. Finding and listening to music in a way that supports artists gives the finger to the big corps. What's yours?

  • If I wanted to convert my org-roam files for use in [[Agora]], I think the main issue would be lack of wikilinks for internal links. I could make use of a filter function on links to resolve that, I imagine. (I've already got a script for [[converting a whole folder of org files to markdown]]).

  • I think I like the bulleted day log style that for example [[Flancian]] uses. A bullet for each log, not a new heading. I will try this for a while. To be determined however, how this maps up to the [[IndieWeb]] notion of notes and which ones I publish on my stream.

  • I have both a private journal and wiki, as well as this public one. They are two completely separate [[org-roam]] databases. There's a slight disconnect between the two, which introduces some friction when I'm thinking about where I should be writing something.

  • [[Ton]] mentions that he does not like the idea of publishing his notes to the web. "To me that is unthinkable: my notes are an extension of my thinking and a personal tool. They are part of my inner space. Publishing is a very different thing, meant for a different audience (you, not me), more product than internal process". This is very interesting, I'd like to spend some time to reflect on it.

  • Also trying out [[Flancian]]'s method of tagging people as [[person]]. Not sure where that will get me, but interested to see.

  • I watched the webinar The Indie Researcher: Tools for thought and internet academia yesterday. It was interesting, more discursive than really actionable advice, but a few takeaways that I liked:

    • being an [[indie researcher]] should be about being curious in public - not necessarily being an expert in some domain with a position to defend (I think [[Anne-Laure]] said this)
    • being 'indie' doesn't mean you just do it all yourself - it's very much about discussion and community, too
    • it might free you to do some things that might not happen in an academic environment
  • Feeling really happy that Trump lost / Biden won. Biden might not be about to bring in a socialist revolution, but holy fuck at least he's not Trump. It feels good for there to be a positive piece of news for once.

  • Experimenting with [[placing my daily logs in a journal subfolder]]. They would then be ready for being incorporated in to an [[Agora]]. I think it'll be nicer that way just from a general tidyness perspective, too.


[[Purging unused CSS from my org-publish]]

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