📚 node [[2020-11-02]]


  • Spoke to [[ding-levery]], [[abstractfairy]] about how the Agora could work.
  • Wrote [[agora-help]], [[foo]], [[wikilink]] as they're featured as examples in the Agora.
  • Fixed [[daily]], whose format was not working in the Agora.
  • Today:
    • Implemented backlinks.
    • Added logo.
  • Next:
    • Implement search (full text).
    • Move uwsgi/prod serving off my user into 'agora'.
    • Add monitoring/alerting.
    • Make the index be just another note [[ding-levery]].
    • Help [[s5bug]] and [[jonathan-the-utopian]] integrate.
    • Define special pages. Are there any?
      • README is already one, it seems.
      • CONTRACT seems important.
      • No more likely for now; we want to reserve all caps for things that are really special.
      • Nodal pages could become special over time. No need for caps really.

13:39 write

ava write about my past the period i've grown up in the places i've spent time and my history in these spaces

be more careful with yourself; things may not be the way you are now uncertainty and different relationships through our lives in weak moments: you and me, sunlight on vines. living vicariously through the lives of others . seeing people i have been, i was in love


  • Chatted with [[jesyspa]] about a field-independent way to define division such that division by zero is ill-typed.
  • Wrote a program that takes a list of Google Cloud Bucket URLs and runs them through speech recognition. The goal is to get class lectures out of a chronological form so they can be used directly as notes.
  • Took the second exam for my Political Science class. Abused my transcribing program. Didn't cheat by using any internet resources during the exam. I had to admit on some of my free responses that I missed some of the reading assignments, but I think prior knowledge helped me out a lot.
  • Played [[Hypixel]] again with [[SamSeawell]] and [[Sirius902]] against my better judgement.
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